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Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese with Fior di Latte


The rich and creamy goodness of Fior di Latte cheese is what elevates this classic childhood inspiration. Start by whipping together some eggs, 2% partly skimmed milk, ground black pepper, and your choice of herbs (thyme, oregano, and rosemary work great here). Cut the crust off the bread and spread pizza sauce on each slice before adding prosciutto and Fior di Latte cheese. Dip the sandwich into the egg mixture, allow excess liquid to drip off and fry until golden brown. For a more traditional grilled cheese, skip the egg mixture and spread butter on the outside of the bread. The ultimate menu item for busy lunch hours!

Chef Chris Beall

The great thing about grilled cheese sandwiches is they can be made with an endless number of fillings. Salami or pepperoni are great options, as are other deli-type meats. For a meatless option, try adding different veggies, such as sweet potatoes or grilled zucchinis.


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