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Sour Cream Pizza Bianca with Parmesan


While pizza bianca is usually made with béchamel sauce, our take puts sour cream in the spotlight. Go big on flavour by seasoning the 14% cooking sour cream with herbs, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce, then spread it on top of a thin pizza crust with savoury toppings like roasted potatoes, cooked bacon, and caramelized red onions. As a base, sour cream expertly carries the herbal flavours, while providing a creamy contrast to the starchy potato. Finish by grating some shaved Parmesan cheese on top, and your customers’ taste buds will be doing a happy dance.

Chef Scott Brown

Try selling your herbed sour cream sauce separately, or expand its presence on your menu: you can use it as a dip for French fries, a flavouring agent in mashed potatoes, or a sandwich condiment! If you want to experiment with other cheeses, try Pecorino Romano or Grana Padano.


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