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Smoky Corn Succotash Burger


Cantonnier cheese has a washed rind and fruity flavour, with buttery accents that pair perfectly with a sweet and spicy vegetable galette made of corn. The dish can be served with a variety of condiments, like BBQ mayonnaise with smoky notes. This cheese is offered in a variety of formats adapted to foodservice, such as pre-sliced in a 300g package.

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Chef's Tips

To prepare the patty, mix corn, sliced jalapeño peppers, onions, zucchini, breadcrumbs, all-purpose flour, eggs, your choice of spices, salt, and ground black pepper. Once the mixture is uniform, shape your patties and cook them in a pan. Then, top your burgers with fresh ingredients, like avocado and greens. Add some bacon for a flexitarian burger!


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