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Loaded Vegan Nachos


What’s colorful, easy to make and doesn’t go unnoticed by vegan customer1? Vegan Nachos! Plant-Based Mozzarella Flavoured Shreds complement this inspiration perfectly without compromising on flavour. Simply sprinkle an even layer on your tortilla chips before adding your toppings—think Kalamata olives, Roma tomatoes, green onions, sliced red onions, and jalapeño peppers for some heat. Bake until the Plant-Based Mozzarella Flavoured Shreds are melted and top with avocado slices plus a drizzle of cashew cream (soak cashews in cold water overnight, drain and process with enough fresh cold water and lime juice to make a silky cream). Such a convenient way to add a vegan option to your menu!

Chef Chris Beall

While nachos can be a challenge as a take-out option, they can easily be served in a pizza box with the avocados and cashew cream on the side to prevent the chips from getting soggy. It’s also possible to make individual portions.

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