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Finger-Licking Haloumi Taco


This bright, flavourful taco packs a rainbow of colours and textures. Haloumi cheese’s rich, salty profile is the ideal match for a crunchy corn tortilla and creamy avocado chunks. Top it all off with a dollop of tangy lime crema and punchy pico de gallo, and voilà – say hello to your new favourite taco.

Chef Adrian Forte

Incorporate Haloumi into your tacos in a whole new way by creating a savoury shell using shredded Haloumi and shaved Parmesan cheeses! Combine both cheeses with some chipotle powder, then form the mixture into circles and bake it on a tray. To shape the circles into shells, let them cool while hanging on a wooden spoon or spatula suspended by two glasses.


Rise-And-Shine Haloumi Breakfast Sandwich

Prosciutto-Wrapped Haloumi Bites

Jerk-Spiced Haloumi