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Sour Cream

A popular topping on everything from baked potatoes to nachos, sour cream is also used as a baking ingredient. Our foodservice sizes are conveniently packaged and easy to handle.

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Fat Free Sour cream

Our fat free sour cream is perfect for adding a touch of richness and acidity to cold dishes, like salad dressings and spreads without the high fat content.

Low Fat Sour cream

Our low fat sour cream is great when you want a creamy consistency and acidic dairy flavour while keeping things light. It performs best in cold dishes that call for low fat content and do not require a thicker, fattier mouthfeel, like salad dressings and dips.

14% Sour cream

Available in convenient formats designed for foodservice, our 14% M.F. sour cream serves up creaminess and acidity that can elevate a wide variety of menu items. It can be incorporated into both cold and hot dishes, and even used to make baked goods.

14% Cooking Sour cream

Our 14% M.F. cooking sour cream can take the heat: you can boil it, simmer it, and even place it underneath the salamander. Use it to add a creamy texture to your sauces, hot dips, or stuffed pastas. This product is available in practical formats designed for foodservice applications.

18% Sour cream

Our 18% M.F. sour cream is rich and smooth with perfectly acidic undertones. Its profile is great for highlighting herbs, garlic, and spices. Use it to play up the creamy texture of risotto and vegetable purée, or even as a topping on pizza.


Tagliolini with Cheddar and Sour Cream Sauce