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Sliced Cheese

Whether prepping for breakfast, lunch or dinner, our sliced cheese options are sure to speed up kitchen prep or counter service.

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15% Pizza Mozzarella

Our 15% Pizza Mozzarella cheese has a high-density blistering surface when cooked and a rich dairy flavour.

27% Pizza Mozzarella

Our 27% Pizza Mozzarella cheeses feature fine ivory colouring and a mouth-watering milky, salty taste. Its soft, elastic texture offers exceptional stretch.


Our rindless Havarti cheese has a creamy, sweet, and slightly sharp taste that becomes more pronounced with age.

Firm Ripened Cheese

Our rindless ripened cheese features an ivory to light yellow interior, as well as a bright, firm and supple texture. Featuring very round openings (eyes) distributed throughout its body, it offers a delicate, sweet hazelnut taste.


Rindless cream to light-yellow or light-beige inside, our Gouda cheese has a firm, consistent and compact texture that is slightly elastic and a creamy flavour with almond notes.

Smoke Flavoured Gouda

Our smoke flavoured Gouda cheese slices have a smooth texture and a pleasantly smoky taste.

Marble Cheddar

Our mild marble Cheddar cheese offers a light hazelnut taste, a buttery aroma, and a slightly elastic texture.

Medium Yellow Cheddar

Our firm yellow coloured Cheddar cheese features a smooth surface and texture with a medium taste profile and a slightly sharp hazelnut taste.

Mild Yellow Cheddar

Our firm yellow cheeses share a smooth surface and slightly elastic texture with a mild flavour profile, a light hazelnut taste and a buttery aroma. Available in foodservice friendly formats including slices and blocks.

Monterey Jack with Jalapeno

Jalapeño adds a spicy, piquant flavour to our Monterey Jack cheese, which has a firm texture and a sweet flavour with buttery accents.

Process Sliced Cheese

Our process cheeses feature excellent taste and peel-ability, with a consistent melt every time. We offer an extensive selection of slices to meet all of your needs.


Soft, creamy and stretchy in texture, the flavour of our Provolone cheese becomes stronger and tangier with age.

White Monterey Jack

Milder than Cheddar cheeses, our white Monterey Jack cheese has a soft, supple texture. Buttery and light, it has a sweet, tangy flavour.