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Marble Farmer's Cheese Shred

Format Product Code
Armstrong Marble Farmer's Cheese Shred 4 x 2,5 KG Shredded 487259
Conveniently shredded to shorten prep time and help operators reduce labour costs, our marble cheese has a pleasantly mild taste and an elastic texture.
Available Brands

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Marble Cheddar Cheese Shred

Marble Cheddar Shred

Marble cheese blend of regular and light Cheddar cheeses has a mild taste and an elastic texture, and is already shredded, shortening prep time and helping operators reduce labour costs.

MmmmBacon Natural Shredded Cheese

Mmmm... Bacon Natural Shredded Cheese with Real Bacon

Add cheese and real bacon in seconds with Mmmm… Bacon Natural Shredded Cheese! Delicious hot or cold, this award-winning product is sure to save you time in your kitchen!

Mild Yellow Cheddar Cheese Shred

Mild Yellow Cheddar Shred

Smooth as silk and satisfyingly firm, our yellow Cheddar cheese shred features a delicious mild taste.