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Mushroom and Asiago Cheese Crostini

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Vegetarian crostini are an easy addition to the snack section of the menu and can be offered in a range of options such as mushroom with Asiago cheese. Combine different types of mushrooms such as cremini and shiitake and different seasonings such as tarragon and hot pepper flakes, cook with shallots and then top with Asiago cheese. To meet the needs of busy restaurant kitchens, we offer our Asiago cheese pre-shredded and in petals to reduce prep time.

Chef's Tips

Delicious on its own, Asiago cheese can also be used like a seasoning, adding flavour and texture to soups, salads, garlic bread, pizza and pasta dishes. Select a younger Asiago cheese for a sweet, mild flavour and an aged Asiago cheese for sharper flavour.


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