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Festive Baked La Sauvagine

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Move over, baked brie: there’s a new favourite in town. This season, reach for La Sauvagine cheese to whip up an unforgettable shareable appetizer. For a deep, sweet flavour that elevates this cheese’s rustic, buttery taste and melty mouth-feel, we suggest decorating it with thinly sliced Bartlett pear, crispy roasted prosciutto, and a balsamic and caramelized onion cheese topper.

For a lighter, fruitier version, pair diced Bartlett pear with classic coppa di parma as a flavourful crown for your cheese. The result is a marriage of freshness, earthiness, and saltiness, brought together to create a crowd-pleasing taste profile.

Serve both versions with sliced French baguette or savoury crackers on the side.

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