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As a one-stop shop for restaurants, we offer a wide selection of dried spices making it easy to pick up all your seasoning ingredients in one place.

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Our dried basil adds a wonderful flavour to salads, soups, meats, poultry and tomato dishes.

Cayenne Pepper

A red-orange powder, our Cayenne pepper provides a heat level between 35,000 to 40,000 SHU. Use it to add spice to vegetables, eggs and meats. Delicious in Italian, Indian and Mexican dishes.

Garlic Powder

Our garlic powder has a creamy white colour and is a great substitute for fresh garlic. Ready to add flavour to any dish.

Granulated Garlic

Our granulated garlic presents the characteristic smell and taste of garlic. Sprinkle in all your favourite recipes and dishes as a substitute for fresh garlic.

Ground Black Pepper

Light to dark grey in colour, our ground black pepper has a hot and sharp flavour. Sprinkle to taste on your favourite dishes.

Ground Chili Pepper

A spice consisting of dehydrated, ground chili peppers. Sprinkle to taste.

Onion Salt

Our onion salt is ready to sprinkle on your favourite meats and seafoods before cooking or grilling. As delicious on vegetables and potatoes as it is in spaghetti sauce, marinades, dessing and soups. It is also excellent on pasta and pizza.


Enhance the flavour of your salads, omelets and tomato-based recipes such as pizza and spaghetti sauces with our dried oregano.


Use paprika to add colour and flavour to stews, meats, vegetables and gratin dishes.

Parsley Flakes

Our parsley flakes are ready to sprinkle on your favourite dishes for a delicious taste and a better presentation.

Whole Anise Seed

Deriving from a dried ripe fruit, our anise seed has a very aromatic flavour. Use it to add sweet and spicy flavours to stews, sausages, cakes, cookies and other pastries.