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GOLD Pizza Mozzarella

Format Product Code
Saputo GOLD Pizza Mozzarella 10 x 2,4 KG (Halal, 3D) Block 441140
True to its unparalleled performance, rich flavour and texture profile make this cheese the undisputed gold standard. It has a silky texture and a full, clean, buttery taste. It turns golden when it’s popped in the oven, creating excellent stretch and a few evenly dispersed blisters.
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Mozzarella Cheese with Smoke Flavour

​Mozzarella with Smoke Flavour

With its buttery flavour and golden melt, our Mozzarella cheese's smoky flavour makes it a one-of-a-kind cooking cheese for a wide range of dishes.

20 percent Pizza Mozzarella Cheese

20% Pizza Mozzarella

With a full, clean flavour, golden colour, soft texture and exceptional stretch, our 20% M.F. Pizza Mozzarella cheese block offers versatility for all your requirements. It's an exceptional choice for all takeout and delivery menu items.

17 percent Pizza Mozzarella Cheese

17% Pizza Mozzarella

Our 17% Pizza Mozzarella cheese features a dairy flavour, a light sheen, and a smooth texture. It is good for shredding and slicing. It bakes to a light brown and produces average surface blistering.