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GOLD Pizza Mozzarella

Product Type and Case Format Format Product Code
Saputo GOLD Pizza Mozzarella 10 x 2,4 KG Block 441140
Saputo GOLD Pizza Mozzarella cheese is our premier Pizza Mozzarella cheese offering unparalleled performance and richness. It is characterized by excellent stretch and good sliceability, and features few evenly spread blisters. Its full, clean buttery flavour, golden colour, and silky texture make it a delicious choice for any pizza.
Pasteurized milk, modified milk ingredients, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme.
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20% Pizza Mozzarella Shred

Our 20% Pizza Mozzarella cheese features a full, clean flavour, golden colour, soft texture, and unparalleled melting and stretching qualities. It is shredded to shorten prep time and helping operators reduce labour costs.

20% Pizza Mozzarella

With a full, clean flavour, golden colour and soft texture, our Pizza Mozzarella cheese offers good sliceability and evenly spread blisters when cooked. It's an exceptional choice for takeout and delivery menu items.

17% Pizza Mozzarella

Our 17% Pizza Mozzarella cheese features a dairy flavour, a light sheen, and a smooth texture. It is good for shredding and slicing. It bakes to a light brown and produces average surface blistering.