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Plant-Based Cream Flavoured Spread

Format Product Code
Vitalite Dairy Free Plant-Based Cream Flavoured Spread 6 x 255 G Tub 487775
Versatile spread that’s perfect for cooking, baking or spreading! A delicious spread or blank canvas for any dip, sauce or dressing. The possibilities are endless!
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Plant Based Cheddar Flavoured

Cheddar Flavoured

Our Plant-Based Cheddar Flavoured product is ideal to create mouth-watering vegan versions. The versatile shreds format is perfect for bowls, salads, wraps and pasta while our slices add gooeyness to any meatless burgers or sandwiches.

Plant Based Mozzarella Flavoured

Mozzarella Flavoured

Thanks to its creamy texture, bright white colour, and mildly tangy flavour, our Plant-Based Mozzarella Flavoured product is perfect for vegan pizzas. When heated, it offers an excellent cheese-like experience.

Plant Based Parmesan Flavoured

Parmesan Flavoured

Our Plant-Based Parmesan Flavoured Extra-Fine Shreds are ideal to create mouth-watering vegan versions. This versatile format is also perfect to sprinkle in wraps, salads, pasta, and more.