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Discover our rich selection of flour, available in convenient 20kg bags.
You will find flour varieties for all of your needs, from making pizza dough to making bread, waffles, and muffins

All Purpose Flour

Our flour is a versatile, Canadian, hard wheat flour, perfect for making a variety of baked goods.

Pizza Dough Flour

Milled from a blend of Canadian Western hard red spring and Canadian Eastern hard red winter wheat, our pizza flour is best suited for the production of pizza, as indicated in its name.

Pizza Flour

Milled from hard red spring wheat, our high-quality pizza flour is specially treated for shops that require flour with slightly more strength and faster mixing requirements. As indicated in its name, this product is best suited for pizzas.

Strong Bakers Flour

Milled from hard red spring wheat, our strong patent flour is of high quality, uniform and very versatile. It has excellent tolerance to variations in fermentation and mixing and will stand a wide range of shop conditions. This product is best suited to produce pizzas, bagels, hearth and specialty breads.