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Dairy Mixes

Versatile by nature, our dairy mixes provide a flexible base for countless treats. We offer a complete range of ice cream, yogurt smoothie and ice milk mixes. Our mixes are smooth and creamy, providing value and taste.

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Ice Cream Mix

Our ice cream mixes are smooth and thick, designed for use in soft serve machines. They produce a rich, high quality soft serve ice cream when frozen.

Ice Milk mix

Our silky ice milk mixes produce a rich, high quality soft serve when frozen. Packaged in 10L bags for easy and effective delivery.

Milk shake mix

A creamy, smooth mix designed to be used in milk shake machines. Our milk shake mix produces a high quality milk shake when frozen.

Vanilla ice yogurt mix

Our 2L California style vanilla ice yogurt mix for soft serve yogurt offers a creamy, refreshing texture.