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Mild Yellow Cheese

Product Type and Case Format Format Product Code
FROMA-DAR Mild Yellow Cheese 1 x 8,5 KG Wheel 462149
FROMA-DAR Mild Yellow Cheese 1 x 4,5 KG Half wheel 462130
Our firm unripened cheese has a smooth surface and a slightly elastic texture with a light hazelnut taste and buttery aroma.
Available Brands

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Medium Yellow Cheddar Cheese

Medium Yellow Cheddar

Our firm yellow coloured Cheddar cheese features a smooth surface and texture with a medium taste profile and a slightly sharp hazelnut taste.

Mild White Cheddar Cheese

Mild White Cheddar

Smooth as silk and satisfyingly firm, our white Cheddar cheese is delightfully elastic with a mild taste.

Marble Cheddar Cheese

Marble Cheddar

Our mild marble Cheddar cheese offers a light hazelnut taste, a buttery aroma, and a slightly elastic texture.