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Featured Junior Chef Recipe

As part of our ongoing mandate to support the junior chef community, we would like to introduce you to some of the up-and-coming young talent in Canada. Throughout the year, we will feature various junior chefs from the CCFCC who have only just begun to make their mark on the culinary scene.

Rustic White Italian Pizza

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Robbie Aggarwal

Robby is a Niagara Falls native, where he was enrolled in a hospitality and tourism Specialist High Schools Major in high school, and participated in the Culinary Skills Competition. This competition introduced him to the Canadian Food and Wine Institute. He fell in love with Niagara College and the idea of having a self-sustaining school with its own greenhouse, brewery, winery and restaurant. As a passionate culinary student this was a dream come true.

As a Culinary Management student, Robby had been involved with the school as much as possible. He entered a black box competition later that year where he was scouted for Junior Culinary Team Canada.

“This is such a remarkable opportunity that few people get to experience. The biggest reward is being able to represent my country doing something that I love. It's a huge privilege and I am honoured to do so. Being a member of Junior Culinary Team Canada has taught me so much about the industry and has me striving for perfection, because perfection is expected in the World Culinary Olympics.”

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