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Prairies pizzerias say thank you with free pies

Alimo's lends support and a splash of colour


The Mouallem family has been making pizzas in Slave Lake, Alberta since the 1970's. They’ve always maintained the same tried and true pizza recipes, slowly adding modern touches over time. As long-standing members of the community, they knew they had to act when the COVID-19 crisis began affecting Slave Lake.

They painted a colourful window mural thanking first responders for all that they are doing. Next, they fired up their ovens and started delivering pizzas to the local hospital. Alimo’s also gave people the option to perform a “random act of pizza” by ordering pizzas for front-line workers, and has been doing everything it can to post about other local shops on their social media.

It’s safe to say Alimo’s has pulled out all the stops when it comes to supporting their community.



Pauls Pizza feeds hungry healthcare workers


Going above and beyond to help others can really work up an appetite! That’s why Pauls Pizza in Airdrie, Alberta decided to help healthcare workers and front-line personnel refuel with some free pies.

Founded in 1995, this restaurant has been a pillar of the community for decades. Not only that, but generosity and kindness has always been a part of their business model: Pauls Pizza already had a weekly “Pizza With a Purpose” initiative, donating $2 to a local charity from every pizza sold on a Monday – a program they still honour today.



Pizzaberg Cafe uses Facebook to communicate kindness


Pizzaberg Cafe in Okotoks, Alberta has turned social media into a force for good. Recognizing that their community was in need during this challenging time, they used a local Facebook page and started offering free meals to whoever needed one. A number of people responded to their offer, and received a fresh, hearty meal to warm them up from the inside out.

The owners didn't stop there, though: they launched a similar initiative with their Thai restaurant, this time with the goal of feeding front line hospital staff as well as the local fire and police departments. They fed 100 Okotoks residents! Pizzaberg is known as Alberta’s oldest café, so it’s no surprise that they jumped right into action the second their people needed them.



Western Pizza is showering front-line workers with pizza


Western Pizza has been a part of Regina, SK, for over 40 years, and the Bonis family wanted to support their town any way they could. Their idea: keeping front-line workers motivated by organizing what they called surprise “pizza bombs”.

First, they delivered lunch to local 811 workers. Next, they dropped a batch of Regina style deep dish pizza to the COVID-19 assessment centre. And they plan on continuing thanking local heroes with free warm lunches.

Since health and safety are essential for owner Spiro Bonis, Wester Pizza has gotten creative in order to serve free pizza to front line workers. Instead of sending boxes full of pizza, the restaurant is taking care to create individual portions: that way, there’s no chance of cross-contamination.



Family Pizza salutes hard-working truck drivers


On top of delivering donated meals to the Royal University Hospital, Family Pizza in Saskatoon took to the streets – literally – to feed some very important members of the workforce. With the help of a local transport company, they created accessible pickup points to bring some warmth and hospitality to hard-working truck drivers.

Their objective: thank these drivers for the tireless work they have been doing lately. After all, for hospitals to get supplies and for restaurants to continue cooking delicious food, truck drivers need to be on the road! What better way to thank them than by offering warm pizza?



Pitza Witza feeds people in need


Even though Pitza Witza just opened its doors in February, they have already proven themselves to be an integral part of their community. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this restaurant sprang into action when the COVID-19 crisis hit. Their initiative has been twofold: they’ve been offering 50% off to employees at the Health Science Centre Hospital, and serving up free meals to families going through a tough time financially.

Everyday acts of kindness can be the most meaningful ones of all, and Pitza Witza is leading the charge. We salute their efforts wholeheartedly.