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Ontario slings pizzas and positivity

Ref Pizza makes the most of extra ingredients


Ref Pizza in Thornhill, Ontario has given a whole new meaning to “raiding the fridge.” When they closed their doors in mid-March due to the COVID-19 crisis, they started pumping out free pizzas for the community. The goal: to make good use of their leftover ingredients, and have the pies delivered by the owner himself until supplies ran out.

Following a wave of local support and encouragement, they decided to reopen their doors with reduced hours and special safety measures, including one of the most creative work-arounds we’ve seen so far: taping their terminal to a hockey stick so people could swipe their cards at a safe distance! The perfect solution for a sports-themed spot.



Regino’s Pizza teams up with a local charity


Regino’s Pizza in Aurora, Ontario, understands the value of a strong partnership. That’s why they teamed up with the Inforce Foundation, a charity organization working to provide healthy lunches, dinners, and other important supplies for front-line workers at three different hospitals within the Scarborough Health Network.

Regino’s stepped in by offering to cook up 100 pizzas and 100 lasagnas for the cause, demonstrating an incredible sense of generosity and community without having to think twice. Thanks to this power duo, the selfless staff at Scarborough General, Scarborough Grace, and Centenary Hospital will have full hearts and full stomachs during these challenging times.